Best wishes on this, the International Day of Standards!

Spend some time learning about the background of standardisation, and think about how much more challenging our lives would be if there were no standard methods of measurement, sizes, shapes, etc.

Companies, organisations, and entire industries around the world have come to an agreement that they will abide by a predetermined set of standards that have been formulated and put into place. The participation of these organisations in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) required them to come to an agreement with one another regarding the establishment of these standards, which led to their acceptance by ISO. These kinds of standards were a major driving force behind the industrial revolution, and they continue to be a major driving force behind the development of all technologies today, from automobiles to telecommunications. On this day celebrate the work of the men and women who develop and maintain the global standards that make our world work. At Dadacare Plus, we honour the work that these men and women do, as well as the contribution that their work makes to the world as a whole.

The Beginnings of the International Day of Standardization
We are all aware of the significance of standards, as this idea was instilled in us throughout our formative years, but it is entirely conceivable that we do not fully appreciate the weight that adhering to standards can bring to a situation. In the days before international standards and other aspects of industrialization, there was no way to get a replacement part for a machine or piece of equipment that you owned without going to the original manufacturer. This was the case even if you sent the item back to the manufacturer. Even so, it was not out of the question that they would only be able to make a “best fit” kind of repair to the problem. Because there was no automation or predetermined set of standards to work from, each component of these machines had to be purpose-built, which means they were one-of-a-kind for each device.

The beginning of a significant shift occurred during the time of the industrial revolution. Many individuals believe that fire was mankind’s most significant invention; however, it is entirely possible that standardisation was actually the most significant invention. In today’s world, if you lose a screw and need to replace it, you can simply head to the nearest hardware store and buy a new one.

When you buy a new router, you can rest assured that it will be able to communicate with the networks and other electronic equipment because all of these things run on a standardised set of frequencies. Because the ISO established the standard for vehicles of that type, everything, including your cars, must use a particular kind of fuel. On September 15th, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is honoured for all of the hard work it has done over the years to shape the world we live in today.

A Guide to Celebrating the International Day of Standards
The most effective way to commemorate World Standards Day is to simply set aside some time to reflect on the many aspects of your life that are standardised and how much simpler these aspects are as a result of the standardisation. The sizes, shapes, composition, and frequency of everything in our world are all predetermined by the standards that we use. Without these standards, our world would not be able to function properly. Imagine if there were no such thing as standards to guide us in our daily lives!