Airflow means minimal chances of infection

It’s a warm sunny day and the last thing anyone wants is to be trapped in a hot, sticky, and uncomfortable situation. Unfortunately, for many women who suffer from vaginal infections, this is exactly the case.

Imagine you’re running wearing a tight plastic bag on a warm sunny day, no doubt just the thought of it makes you cringe and uncomfortable. Now imagine you were offered to replace this stuffy garment with a state-of-the-art breathable T-Shirt: what a relief! In the same way, would you rather have a wound bandaged with thick airtight fabric or have a breathable fabric over it? Which of these bandages will help heal the wound faster do you think? The answer is simple – a breathable fabric.

The same goes for your vagina. When you suffer from vaginal infections, you need to give your vagina the breathability it needs in order to heal. Breathability equals prevention of the development of harmful yeast and bacteria. That’s why we recommend our breathable Dadacare Premium Sanitary Pads. They are made with a material that allows your skin to breathe while also absorbing and locking away moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable. So, if you’re looking for a way to prevent vaginal infections or relieve a current one, make sure to give your vagina the breathability it needs.