Dadacare Sanitary Pads with 8 Layers of Protection

  • 1st Layer: Perforated cottony surface pampers sensitive skin and makes absorption twice as fast.
  • 2nd Layer: Plant fibre Negative ion chip effectively enhances anti-bacterial capabilities and neutralizes odour.
  • 3rd Layer: Upper Dust-free paper provides 360-degree full protection.
  • 4TH Layer: Unique and exclusive padding for well-balanced absorption, further prevents side leakage.
  • 5th Layer: Dust-free lower layer paper provides 360-degree protection.
  • 6th Layer: Soft breathable waterproof bottom film allows air circulation, and reduces heat and moisture.
  • 7th Layer: Release paper and adhesive holds pad firmly onto panty.
  • 8th Layer: Soft and individually packed wrapper protects the pad from dust and keeps it safe.