Empowering Young Girls on Menstrual Hygiene

Ruaka, Kenya – On Sunday, April 9th, the DadacarePlus team organized an informative session for young girls on feminine hygiene. The event, held at Blessed Joseph Allamano Ruaka Catholic, was aimed at educating young girls on how to use sanitary pads, how their bodies are growing, and why it is important to maintain proper hygiene.

The presentation was conducted by Sarah Moni, a nurse and educator from RFH Healthcare. Using her expertise in the field, she presented informative and factual information that will help young girls navigate through difficult times during their menstrual cycle.

“I am grateful to all mothers who gave their daughters permission to attend this crucial event,” said Sarah Moni. “It is important for young girls to understand the changes happening in their bodies, and more importantly, how to maintain proper feminine hygiene.”

The DadacarePlus team hopes that this informative session will empower young girls with knowledge that can help them make informed decisions about their health. This event was just one of many initiatives taken by the DadacarePlus team to raise awareness of menstrual hygiene and promote the rights of women and girls.

“We believe that every girl deserves access to accurate information about their bodies and menstruation,” said a representative from the DadacarePlus team. “We are proud to have organized this event, and we hope to continue our work towards empowering young girls and breaking the stigma surrounding menstrual health.”

The event was well-attended, with over 20 young girls from the local community present. The attendees were enthusiastic and eager to learn, and they actively participated in the discussion.

During the session, Sarah Moni explained how to use sanitary pads properly and emphasized the importance of using them properly during menstruation to avoid infections and maintain hygiene. She also discussed the changes that occur in a girl’s body during puberty and how to cope with them.

The interactive session allowed the young girls to ask questions and get clarification on important topics related to their health. Many of them shared their experiences and challenges related to menstrual hygiene, which led to an open and honest dialogue.

One of the attendees, Mary, expressed her gratitude for the informative session. “I learned so much today, and I am grateful to my mother for letting me attend this event,” she said. “I feel more confident now that I know how to take care of myself during my period.”

Overall, the event was a success, and the DadacarePlus team plans to organize similar events in the future. By providing young girls with accurate information on feminine hygiene and breaking down the stigma surrounding menstruation, the team hopes to empower and uplift young girls in the community.